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New in 2014:

We teach at several DC-Baltimore area venues including The Creative Alliance in Baltimore. Since Zydeco is featured sporadically, our lessons are also sporadic. Sorry. Go to these venues' websites to see whats going on or to

June 5-8
Blast From The Bayou, Strawberry Park, 42 Pierce Rd, Preston , CT. We will be holding beginner through advanced workshops throughout the weekend. If you don't see Ben listed, don't worry, my initials are often "TBD."

We've got some more festival teaching gigs in the works. Please check back soon.

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Also it's always good to listen to Texas Fred the Zydeco Cowboy on WPFW 89.3 FM
on Sat from 2-4 PM for the latest happenings in DC, including local area dance lessons.


Often people new to zydeco dance ask for advice on what are good disks to buy specifically for dancing. As is the case with all genres of music, recorded zydeco music can come in differing styles, rhythms, tempos, melodies, and fidelity, all which ultimately determine its dancability. It can be frustrating trying to buy zydeco music when you are not familiar with artists' names or if faced with several disks of a particular artist, determining which one is best. My current personal favorite artists who provide a decent share of, in my opinion, dancable zydeco selections include (but are not limited to): Clifton Chenier, C.J. Chenier, Boo Zoo Chavis, John Delafose, Curley Taylor, Rosie Ledet, Chris Ardoin, Lynn August, Willis Prudhomme, Roy Carrier, Nathan Williams, Jude Taylor, Brian "Little Brian" Terry, Paul "J. Paul" Lawrence Grant, Stanley "Buckwheat Zydeco" Dural, Joe Walker, Lawrence "Black" Ardoin, Leo Thomas, Rockin Sidney, and Queen Ida, to only name a few.

Check out the book entitled "Kingdom of Zydeco" by talented music writer Michael Tisserand. The book examines zydeco music and those who have created it. Revealing interviews with important zydeco musicians are scholarly presented....with heart. The companion CD is now out. Has a great selection of artists and songs, some very obscure. Careful thought went into the selections.




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