BenBenedict Pagac - Audio Documentaries

 Aired/Published Pieces.

The Man who Banded the Albatross. Aired 2.13.13 on public radio's Dick Gordon's The Story. A longer version, including some other incredible things that Chan did, is available below in the "Unpublished pieces" section.

Meschiya Lake:  Sidewalks to Stages.  Featured 5.7.2011 on NPR Music's A Blog Supreme/NPR Jazz.

All You Need Is a Wall.  Submitted to the 2010 Third Coast International Festival Short Docs Competition.

Seersucker Thursday.  Aired 6.18.2010 on WAMU, Washington, DC.
This is a longer version than what was aired. Their archives have dissapeared.
You'll look sharp.

Sonja's Dumplings.  Aired 11.21.2009 on syndicated public radio show Splendid Table (rebroadcasts: Third Coast's ReSound, WUNC's The Story).

Hubigs Pies.  Aired 11.2008 on WWOZ, New Orleans.  A tour of the Hubigs Pie Factory post-Hurricane Katrina.
(sadly the Hubigs Pie Factory burned down on 27 July 2012)


Unpublished pieces & works in progress:

Governor's Island
A visit to the past.... and a discovery.

Counting Shadows on the moon.
A profile of an amazing scientist.


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