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List of Video Editing Software recommended on the market today!

Most people that had used both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro preferred Final Cut Pro.

1. Final Cut Pro – You can also import layers from photoshop making it another great video editing tool. Chopping, cutting and adding special effects is easy and save in many different formats.


2. Adobe Premier Pro – If you use Adobe Photoshop you can import your layers. This can bring life to all your photoshop designs. In fact many times you may just be using your graphics and not even recorded video. This makes editing your videos unlimited for graphics designers. Cutting and chopping your footage is easy and fast. Adding special effects is easy and unlimited. This is what I edit on.


3. Sony Vegas Pro – Packed with special effects, easy to cut video and easy to make a DVD. Sony Vegas Pro is like 3 software’s in one. A really good video editing software, excellent DVD authoring and great audio options for editing your audio almost as good as an actual high end audio software such as Equalizer, Reverb, Noise Filter and many more.


4. Pinnacle Studio – No Good! Buy a better editing software.


5. Corel VideoStudio – No Good! Buy a better editing software.


6. CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra – No Good! Buy a better editing software.

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