Editing Software

 Which Video Editing Software should you use?

Good Software really lets you take your creativity to a new level. Simply speaking if you choose a limited software your abilities and creativity will also be limited. Good Video editing software is essential in your ability to produce video that looks polished and keeps others interested.

Free Software Worth Checking Out
CamStudio is a free software was used for many of the examples in the site. It allows you to record what is being done on your computer screen and record audio at the same time.

VLC media player multimedia player for loads of audio and video formats. This is a great video player but it also lets you save your video in a number of different formats. Although this is a great player and will play almost every type of video file or video format it may not be the best video format converter. VLC is totally worth downloading.

Audacity is a free audio editing software’s. You can do a lot of good mastering or audio editing with this software. and the extra files that allow you to save as mp3. See examples using this free audio editing software.

VirtualDub is a great software to encode your video for the web in Xvid and other formats. It is geared toward processing AVI files into different formats and can handle converting many video files in batch processing so you can convert lots of videos at one time.

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