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 ZYDECO is a vibrant accordion-driven dance music of the Creole and African-American communities of Southwest Louisiana. It is rapidly gaining the passionate devotion of music lovers throughout the U.S. and abroad due to it's hypnotic rhythms, unbridled energy, and refreshing, upbeat originality. Many have discovered that although listening to Zydeco is great, dancing to Zydeco is heaven! It is now possible to learn how to zydeco dance with the help of your DVD player! Read further to learn how you can become proficient in dancing to this unique American roots music.

Dance instructors BEN PAGAC and DEBBIE SHAW frequently explore the Southwest Louisiana Zydeco dance halls and bring to the viewer not only the authentic steps, but also the joy and spirit of the dance. They regularly teach Zydeco dance in the Washington, D.C. area but are often on the road instructing in many other areas in the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean (via the incredible Zydeco Cruises out of New Orleans). After teaching for several years and observing the continuing popularity of Zydeco, it became clear to them that enthusiasts were seeking additional instructional tools. So in 1995 they produced and released the first commercially available instructional video, Learn to Zydeco Dance Tonite. Due to the popularity of the introductory video and demand for further material, Ben & Debbie released, in 2000, Advanced Zydeco Dance. Now both of these offerings are available on one DVD, Zydeco Dance From A to Z. Read further to find out more about how you can learn and enhance your Zydeco!


This one DVD contains both of the acclaimed lessons:
Learn to Zydeco Dance Tonite and Advanced Zydeco Dance.

Learn to Zydeco Dance Tonite has everything to get you started. Relaxed, easy-to-follow instruction which breaks down the fundamental step, demonstrates the subtle Zydeco weight shifts, and explains partnering. More than twelve moves and step variations are progressively delivered and the video is packed with numerous leading and styling tips which really benefit both the beginning and the experienced dancer. Features the great sounds of Roy Carrier and the Zydeco House Rockers.

Then it progresses with Advanced Zydeco Dance where you will learn stylings, lead and follow refinements, turns, and modern dance hall moves including cross-overs, cheats, and slides. The haunting beauty of the Basse Bas is also explained, a traditional dance that almost evaporated into obscurity if not for the efforts of a dedicated few who worked to see that this dance survives. Enjoy the high-energy sounds of Beau Jocque and the Zydeco High Rollers and Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin. This DVD will surely make you a zydeco dance master.

Total running time: 90 minutes. Plays in all Regions. Menu chapter buttons allow easy navigation

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1. Is the DVD for beginners or advanced dancers?

The introductory lesson Learn to Zydeco Dance Tonite is designed to benefit both; folks who never have danced zydeco (or danced at all, for that matter!) as well as those who are already familiar with the basic step. The continuation lesson Advanced Zydeco Dance is designed for use by moderately experienced zydeco dancers who know how to dance in the closed or open position, can let go of the partners hand and pick it up without missing a beat, and can take an occasional "step-back" (or rock-back) on the 7-8 beat (all covered in the first video). They should also be able to dance to moderately fast tempos. Both lessons are on one DVD disk!

2. Does the DVD show a lot of people dancing and having fun but doesn't really explain how to do it or break it down?

No. The steps are methodically explained and tight-shots are taken of the feet so you can see closely how its done. It progressively builds onto the core step, again with clear explanations of what to do.

3. Is this one of those line dances?

No! Zydeco is a couple (partnered) dance that is specifically done to music that originates in the French-speaking communities of Southwest Louisiana and east Texas. You are definitely dancing one-on-one. Zydeco is a unique American roots music.

4. So do you have to go to Louisiana to do this dance?

No. The Zydeco dance scene is strong or growing in many major cities; Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Huntsville, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, D.C., Baltimore, New York, and Boston, just to name a few. It is also growing in London.

5. I already know how to Zydeco. Why should I bother with a DVD?

The DVD is great to loan or give to friends or potential future partners who are not necessarily familiar with Zydeco dance. This can be particularly helpful in regions where Zydeco dances are not regularly held. We have had several reports that the DVD has been invaluable for helping to build a core group of dancers that later culminates in a vibrant scene!


"I think the tape is great. You break the steps down in a way that I won't have any trouble learning them. And most important, you demonstrate the "real Zydeco style" that I want to learn."
- M.R., Somerville, NJ

"Thanks again for making the best dance instructional video I have seen."
- B.N., Los Alamos, NM

"...Ben Pagac proves that Zydeco can be taught, and taught well, and the video catches a lot of that good instruction on tape."
- G.M., Cajun Times, England

"The material is paced well and is never overwhelming"
- D.W., Dirty Linen Magazine

"He knows what he's doing and he teaches it the RIGHT way!"
- Boozoo Chavis, Zydeco Musician



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Contains the lessons LEARN TO ZYDECO DANCE TONITE and ADVANCED ZYDECO DANCE, both in one DVD package!! (90 minutes total)

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